Friday, 29 May 2015

The South American Dream - Las Iguanas Restaurants

Where?: Las Iguanas Torquay

What?: The South American Dream

How much?: £10.50

The Verdict:

I generally steer clear of burgers from national chains. Notable exception was the Jamie's Italian Burger which was epic and quite tasty, but you will discover sooner of later that in comparison to a standard Gourmet Burger Restaurant burger, it will not even hit the mark.

So I give you another exception to the rule. The South American Dream which was featured on Eating Exeter's latest review of the Las Iguanas restaurant in Torquay.

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Saturday, 2 May 2015

The Mutha Ducka - Ruby Modern Diner

Where?: Ruby Modern Diner, Queen St. Exeter

What?Smoked Creedy Carver Duck Leg, Spring Onion, Cucumber and Hoi Sin sauce

How much?: £8.50

The Verdict:

The Mutha Ducker burger is an interesting and successful concept. Duck meat, in a burger? You have to be quackers!? Excuse the pun. I have to say though, this burger works really well with the lashings of Hoi Sin sauce, smoked pulled duck and the freshness of the spring onion and cucumber, it is an interesting alternative for those who want something a little different.
The smoked duck and hoi sin sauce reminds me of duck and hoi sin wraps that you sometimes get in Chinese Restaurants. The spring onion adds that extra dimension to the flavour and the whole thing is topped off with some fresh Cucumber.  The duck, like nearly all of the ingredients that go in to the food at Ruby Modern Diner is locally sourced, coming from Creedy Carver based a few miles away in Crediton.

This was part of a longer review which can be read on Eating Exeter

The Scorchio - Ruby Modern Diner

Where?: Ruby Modern Diner, Queen St. Exeter

What?: Lettuce, Tomato, 7oz Patty, Spicy Chorizo, Chipotle Mayonnaise, Mexicana cheese piled with JalapeƱos

How much?: £8.50

The Verdict:

The Scorchio is a tower of spicy meaty majesty.  The spicy chorizo pieces work really well with the chipotle mayo and the mexicana cheese. This combination turns the whole burger in to a heavenly stack of umami awesomeness that I enjoyed with every single bit.  The JalapeƱos give it a fiery hit and mixed with the seasoning of the burger it creates a really top combination, and certainly one of my favourite burgers so far.  The spice level has to be noted too; it is not challenge just to eat the burger and non of the taste is lost in the burn, as it would be very sad to lose any of the chorus of lovely tastes. With the glazed brioche bun, it works really well as a burger and really hope it stays on the menu for a long time to come.
One of my burger heroes is Burger Lad who has eaten and travelled the length & breadth of the UK reviewing burgers and writing about them.  He recently stopped by Ruby Burgers and wrote about The Scorchio Burger saying about the Spicy Chorizo…
“The Spicy Chorizo was beautiful. Bordering on outstanding… very rich with its signature smoked paprika flavour, thickly cut and a very generous amount on-board. In my notes I described it as highly decadent, oozing with quality bringing another dimension to the arsenal of tastes in my mouth.”
Burger Lad (2015)
Burger Lad also had The Ruby Burger which he rated really highly as one of his favourite burgers that he’s sampled on his travels, Beer Burger and Beyond (our sister blog which I also write) sampled The Ruby Burger as well and I can say that it an impressive burger.  But The Scorchio might just be nipping at its heels for my affections.