Saturday, 19 July 2014

The Original Gourmet Burger - The Imperial (Wetherspoons)

Where?: The Imperial, Exeter (Wetherspoons)

What?: The Original 6oz Gourmet Burger

How much?: £6.99 with alcoholic drink

The Verdict:

The first burger I've had since hitting Ruby Modern Diner, and the difference between a Ruby Burger and... um this one is quite evident.

Served with a slice of bacon and blue cheese with token lettuce and tomato in a possibly brioche bun, it needed a lot of chewing.  The meat had no taste and eating the whole thing was quite hard work.

Disappointing given some of the good burgers that we've had here before :(, the Brunch Burger is still king and still remains one of my all time favorite burgers.  The other side of the table loved her Brunch Burger, but never mind, there is always next time.

Beer was nice.  Loddon Brewery's Bamboozle which is a strong pale ale heavily hopped with English Goldings.  The Pale Ale malt gives the beer a clean crisp background so the website says!

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