Saturday, 19 July 2014

The One Burger, Ruby Modern Diner, 74 Queen Street, Exeter

Where?: Ruby Modern Diner, 74 Queen Street, Exeter

What?: The One Burger - TWO 6oz hamburgers, double Hawkridge mature cheddar,
double smoked streaky bacon, loads of RUBY sauce

How much?: £10

The Verdict:

This monster is The One Burger which you can get from Ruby Modern Diner.  Its not a challenge burger, but you will be challenged to eat the whole thing.  Its not just vast, it is genuinely epic.

Two 6oz patties, bacon, lots of Hawkridge Cheddar, Ruby Sauce, gathered between two brioche buns like two titans fighting in a meaty battle to the death.  There is something gladitorial about this burger, and it isn't even supernatural.  I did wonder if the sheer size of it could create a distortion in the Earth's gravity but I was wrong, it warps space and time as you know it.

Add that to the portion sizes that Ruby is famed for, this is something that must be prepared for.  But humorous description aside, the meat is as local as you can get (Ruby have their own dedicated herd from a farm in Mid-Devon and can get through a cow a week, two if they're busy!).

We've already reviewed Ruby Modern Diner, so if you want a full review head here and have a look! 

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