Sunday, 11 May 2014

'The Uncle Sam' - Gourmet Burger recipe

Ladies and Gentlemen I present the Uncle Sam.  This is how it is meant to look at any rate.

If you want to have a go at this at home, head over to The Cheese and Burger Society website to get the recipe.  Or if you want to make the Beer, Burger and Beyond version, scroll down.

When it comes to the humble beef burger, it is very hard to get it wrong so when you eat out and realise that places actually get it wrong and manage to mess it up, it makes it even harder to forgive.

Cooking the burger perfectly can be a challenge and given the laziness factor, I opted to buy in my burgers. On reflection I realized that this was not the best idea as the burgers swelled up and became somewhat unstable in a 'burger in bun' configuration.

The first word that comes to mind is 'Post Modern', in the same sense that Picasso is considered a post modernist.  It isn't conforming to the traditional up and down burger configuration, yes it is a bit top heavy but this about taste and not overly about presentation, well kind of.

So how do you make the 'Post Modern' Uncle Sam?

4 Beef Patties
3 Slices of Chorizo
A Sliced soft Ciabatta bun
10 Sliced Cherry Tomatos
1/4 Red Pepper sliced in to strips
2 slices of Bacon
A tea spoonful of Cheese Spread
Sliced Scottish Mature Cheddar
Red Onion

1. Slice Pepper, Tomatos and prepare lettuce to assemble in to Burger.

2. Slice Ciabatta, layer the Bacon (cooked) and Chorizo.

3. Cook the burgers.  Two minutes before the burgers are ready put a couple of slices of cheese on the burgers to melt them.  On two of the burgers put a small teaspoon full of Cheese Spread.  These will be your bottom burgers, the cheese spread will solidify and help stick the two burgers together.

4. Stack the burgers, assemble with vegetables and anything else as you so desire.

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