Monday, 5 May 2014

The Classic Cheese - The Hub Box, Sidwell Street, Exeter

For a full review, head to Eating Exeter's page.

Where?: Hub Box, Exeter

What?: The Classic Cheese (with Blue Cheese)

How much?: £5.95

Beer?: Harbour Brewing Company, India Pale Ale

The Verdict:
For a full review of Hub Box, head over to our sister site Eating Exeter who conducted a full review a few months ago.  The Big Kahuna was the burger of choice, which will be appearing on BBB soon!

The Classic Cheese is very much one of the starter burgers.  Its not too big, but there is enough there to keep you busy.  A 7oz beef pattie cooked nicely with a BIG tomato and fresh salad sprinkled with Cornish Blue Cheese.  For me, being a cheese head, more cheese would have been nice though.

The meal came with the classic rape seed oil cooked fries, which were crispy and cooked brilliantly and Pork + Brisket Burnt End Beans which consisted of generous pork brisket chunks in a BBQ sauce with lots of big beans.

Accompanying this meaty orgy was a bottle of Harbour Brewing Company IPA, light and fizzy with a gentle hoppiness and across the table was a bottle of Camden Town Brewery's 'Camden Pale Ale' which was hoppy with a capital H. Hoppy in fact.

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  1. Hubbox is far and away my favourite place to eat in Exeter at the moment. And a great choice of beer to go with it.

    I've just discovered your blog but I'm sure I will be back often for recommendations.