Friday, 2 May 2014

The Chicken Fillet Burger - KFC, Sidwell Street

What: The Chicken Fillet Burger

Where: KFC

How much: £2.49

This is one of the lowest common denominators when it comes to burgers that you can buy within a 2 mile radius of the centre of Exeter.  It can be found at any one of the typical fast food, multi-national, nasty old big name restaurants like KFC, McDonalds or Burger King, of which we have plenty.

Beer, Burger and Beyond would not do itself justice as a blog about burgers if we didn’t look at the lower end of the spectrum, and did a review of the cheap, the nasty and the down-right terrible in the burger consuming experience.

Go to some shops in Exeter and on the back of your receipt you’ll find a voucher for a Chicken Fillet Burger or a Bargain Bucket from KFC.  It is quite simply a bun, a burger, token lettuce, and some mayo.  The bun is a bit soggy, the chicken is a little dry but not inedible, the coating is very ‘KFC’ and it is all presented in a wrapper stating that this has been hand breaded by our ‘chefs’.  Hmm. You’re not fooling anyone KFC. a good article about how KFC might just be a little misleading about the freshness of its ingredients, but chefs? Really?.

This squat little burger is quite small, and looks like a turtle that has run through a bag of sesame seads. It tastes like cheap buns, but I couldn't fault the chicken for dryness as it was cooked well and tasted mostly of chicken.

The chips were hot and not as limp as they have been, so whether someone knew I was coming or we just got them on a 'good day', the result was mostly quite satisfying.  I had to top the whole thing up with some Hot Wings which I attempted to devour with dignity, but this is a task that I have little luck with mostly and got a slight look from the other side of the table as I made horrible noises, semi sucking and chewing the meat off the bone.

KFC is, and always will be just KFC.  The burgers are functional, the food is average and they're a little expensive for what you get.  And they make you realise that there are plenty of better burgers served by passionate individuals who run independent establishments.

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