Monday, 28 April 2014

Jonny from The Craft Beer Channel talks to Michel Roux about Beer

My old friend Jonny got the chance to talk to Michel Roux about his new in-house brewed house beer and matching beer with food.  Have a watch!

Meet the Roux: interview with Michel Roux jnr.:

Sunday, 27 April 2014

The Big Kahuna Burger, The Hub Box, Exeter

This burger originally featured in a full review on Eating Exeter which you can read here.

The Hub Box,
183 Sidwell StreetExeter EX4 6RDEngland
What?: The Big Kahuna burger

How much?: £7.95

The Verdict:

The Big Kahuna burger is one of the larger burgers that you can pick up at The Hub Box, Exeter.

The Big Kahuna burger that I ordered (£7.95) was two 7oz beef burgers, stacked with BBQ Pulled Pork, Onion Rings and Swiss Cheese. It was a beautifully juicy combination of burger and pulled pork that worked together wonderfully.  All washed down with a bottle of Westcountry Red by the Bristol Beer Factory.

We were also given the opportunity to try a portion of Burnt End Beans as well, which despite the name, was an amazing discovery.  Refried beans and the brisket ends and lumps of 12 hour marinated pulled pork, combined in a medley of BBQ bliss.

Definitely a favourite of Beer, Burger and Beyond.

Friday, 25 April 2014

Jumping Jack Jalapeño Burger - The Bath House, Exmouth

Where?: The Bath House, Exmouth; a Hungry Horse Pub (owned by Greene King).

What?: Jumpin’ Jack Jalapeño Inferno Burger

How much?: £7.99

The Verdict:
Hungry Horse is the latest Gastro-pub to get on the Burger bandwagon.  Now sporting a range of gourmet burgers, this is not the most expensive burger available but it certainly is one of the hottest items on their menu.  There is nothing better than eating something so spicy it leaves burn marks on your face, and if you want the ultimate test of manliness, this is definitely one for you.

The menu describes it as ‘Not for the faint hearted! A beef burger, Farm Assured chicken breast, melted cheese and onion rings topped with our jalapeño inferno, pepper & onion fireball topper’

Unfortunately the Onion Rings didn’t make it on to the plate, but the chicken breast was well cooked and the beef burger tasty if not a little overdone.  What the onion fireball topper was, I’m not sure as there didn’t seem to be one of those either.  The peppers ended up on the side of the plate rather than in the actual burger itself, so it didn’t really look like the picture.

Served with chips and an average tasting salsa for dipping, it satisfied a hole and burnt the hole too.  No real Ales apart from the Greene King IPA.

The Bath House is a family pub, with orientation towards kiddies and their desire to run around in circles.  Service is always friendly, but at busy times there can be quite a wait for food. There was an air of panic in when we arrived as it was on  Bank Holiday and the table behind us were complaining about the time that their food took to arrive.  We crossed our fingers, but were very happy with the outcome.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Byron Burgers to open in Exeter (reported by Eating Exeter)

Byron Burgers to open in Exeter

If you’ve been up to London, you might have fallen upon Byron Burgers.  In fact they’re starting to appear from Oxford, Northampton to York and now we are going to get one in Exeter.  This will be Exeter’s fourth Burger restaurant and I’m quite happy about this, I like Burgers and all the good that they bring to hoi polloi like me. Thanks to SugarPinkFood for the heads up.
See what sort of things they serve on their menu
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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Burger Porn: Thanks Reddit

Boluda Burger: Argentinian Chorizo, Monterey Jack cheese, beef, grilled bell pepper, red onion...